A well-hidden secret of Mykonos as it has been referred as. Α brand sculptured by the wind of Mykonos, embracing tales and myths from ancient Greece and civilizations lost in time. Bold designs, out of the ordinary for personalities that feel the same.

Each item is handcrafted in Mykonos where the flow of the energy is magical and authentic.  A fusion of solid sterling silver creations, gold and precious stones giving life to unique handmade designs. Each item is made by hand and each piece of jewelry has its own story to say.

Inevitably the designs have been noticed by famous people and celebrities from all over the world who came for holidays in Mykonos.

Selected item of his collections can be found in high end boutiques such as:

  • The Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens
  • Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos
  • Pricipote Boutique in Panormos Mykonos

The designer refuses to go on mass production and insists everything to be handmade. That is why the jewelry produced are limited and need time to be fulfilled, and that is exactly why you can feel the energy and passion flowing out of them when you wear them.  Many pieces are made in one prototype, as we all are. We are all unique. Exclusive design Jewelry and limited collections for exclusive people.

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