Harry Mestro is a Greek Australian jewelry designer. His soul always wanted to begin a journey of art and creativity, envisioning the transforming powers of  jewelry and how they can change the appearance and especially the mood of a person.   After a trip to Mykonos he got enchanted by the energy and vibrations of this unique Aegean island and a sequence of events led him to the decision to  open his boutique shop there in 2012. His dream was to be able to design and make jewelry different and unique balancing between reality and mythical realms, vibrating the energy Mykonos. His first degree was on sociology, so he had the need to also express and make statements through his creations. Just imagine the combination of all the above coming to life into the form of a jewelry.

Each item is handcrafted in Mykonos where the flow of the energy is magical and authentic.  A fusion of solid sterling silver creations and precious stones giving life to unique handmade designs. Each item is made by hand and each piece of jewelry has its own story to say.

Bold with his creations and without trying to be commercial, Harry was noticed by many famous people and celebrities from all over the world who came for holidays in Mykonos.  Of course, that had a huge impact on his popularity and made his work famous in a truly short time. Now selected item of his collections can be found in the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens and other hotels around the world. But he still refuses to go on mass production and insists everything to be handmade. That’s why the jewelry produced are limited and take need time to be fulfilled, and that’s why you can feel the energy and passion flowing out of them when you wear them.  Many pieces are made in one prototype, as we all are . We are all unique.

Harry will always be a firm believer of the magic hidden within each piece of jewelry. How one ring, a pendant, a bracelet or even a pin, can spread their unique energy and transform not only the look of a person but also their soul. His last collection is called Land of the Gods and it refers to the ancient gods of Olympus.  When he decided to design this collection, the creative visions of mythical creatures and godly creations entered his mind, ancient powers woke in him and led him to create one of his most mystical and awe-inspiring collections. Sculptural designs, bold and daring forms of wearable art are the right words used to give a description

You are welcome to join him in this mythical journey that will unleash a vital energy within you and let some  of the magic enter your soul.

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