Size Guide

The Greek Myths Collection: Zeus in Time

Zeus, the King of the Gods the Supreme God of all ancient Greeks. He supervised and governed the uranus and the earth. He is the protector of foreigners, of vows, of cities and of the weather. The symbols of Zeus are the thunderbolt, the eagle, the bull, and the oak tree. The thunderbolt is the weapon that we all know and is always in his hands. 


  • Solid Sterling Silver 925
  • Black-Plated 18K
  • Gold-Plated 18K Face

The pendant is handmade so there might be minor differences to the final result. Please note that the colours shown on different screens might appear slightly differently.


  • Solid Sterling Silver 925
  • Black-Plated 18K
  • Gold-Plated 18K Face
  • Weight: 14.37 gr
  • Height: 21.7 mm

Healing Energy


Gold is "the master healer" as it is an excellent mineral for purifying the body, alleviating tension and stress. But also its energy can be used to clear negativity from the chakras and balance the energy fields (opening and activating third-eye and crown chakras). Stabilizes the energies of the minerals that are close to.

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